Installing Shoreline Protection Under The New Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Guidelines.

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Shoreline resident Sid Huff has shared with the BSRA a document that outlines his experiences working with the new guidelines to facilitate the construction of a seawall protection structure and has allowed BSRA to post this document. The document will be of interest to anyone who is contemplating the development of any shoreline protection. Click Installing shoreline protection under the new ABCA guidelines to view the material.

BSRA would like to thank Sid for taking the time to document his experience.

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  1. John

    It would be helpful to understand how the process Sid and his neighbors has experienced will change as a result of the Aug 2019 constraint on the CA’s jurisdiction by the current Provincial Government.
    Hopefully it will address the problems due to the very expensive and in this case unnecessary ‘coastal engineering’ expenses and delays that hampered these poor property owners from simply trying to protect their real estate investment -as detailed by Sid.
    I would be curious to know how installing shoreline protection could be anything BUT beneficial to neighboring properties with shoreline protection- thus this ‘requirement’ is unnecessary as NOT having shoreline protection would place additional danger and risk to neighboring properties that already have it.
    A coastal engineering study isn’t needed for that. Submitting the contractors plan with details as to how and where the protection will be done should be sufficient as it has been done for the past decade and more.

    I would expect this and other CA requirements for property owners is one of the areas that the Government is looking to constrain.

  2. Sharon

    We are thinking of protecting our bluewater shoreline property with big rock or steel wall
    Can you please provide names and contact information of contractors who do this in our area?

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