List of letters and presentations to elected officials:

Council 20091104 Tax Inequity49.0 KiB95
Council20030522 Shift In Tax Burden109.7 KiB110
Council20030703 Re-zoning113.6 KiB80
Council20030729 Surface Water Quality162.4 KiB120
Council20030825 Observations Water Test Data145.7 KiB104
Council20031201 Roads Grant Committee65.0 KiB70
Council20040102 Refine Roads Grant Program70.0 KiB113
Council20040414 Fund Water Test Program220.9 KiB124
Council20040503 Fund Water Test Program171.3 KiB74
Council20040503 GAP Letter On Microbial Source Tracking80.7 KiB109
Council20040517 Proposal For Water Protection Steering Committee272.1 KiB62
Council20040712 Water Test Results11.3 KiB72
Council20041206 Taxation Concerns238.3 KiB92
Council20050206 Input For Strategic Plan75.1 KiB62
Council20050411 Water Quality Test WWrk Plan160.0 KiB106
Council20050416 Input For Strategic Plan74.3 KiB79
Council20050817 Comments On Open Fires71.6 KiB69
Council200700804 Comments On Sewage Treatment Facility Project120.5 KiB117
Council20080623 Comments On ATV168.2 KiB90
Council20080714 Recommendations On Wind Turbine Bylaw92.6 KiB68
Council20080916 Restructuring Huron County Council111.6 KiB57
Council20081215 Property Assessments111.8 KiB75
Council20090112 Commercial Wind Energy32.6 KiB105
Council200910116 Comments On The Facilities Review89.6 KiB88
Council20091116 Presentation On Tax Concerns389.7 KiB68
Council20091116 Report On Tax Concerns68.8 KiB78
Council20120625 Wind Turbine Concerns137.1 KiB145
Election 2010 HayElectionLetter191.7 KiB174
Election 2010 StanleyElectionLetter192.8 KiB98
Pln 20050205 Bluewater OP Comments4.8 KiB66
Pln 20050503 Bluewater Official Plan131.6 KiB98
Pln 20080522 Comments On Huron County Official Plan - Sustainability114.6 KiB70
Pln 20091008 Response HC OP Draft235.5 KiB113
Pln 20091008 Sum Response HC OP Draft113.5 KiB81
Pln L20040911 OP Presentation77.2 KiB70
Pln20050531 Official Plan102.7 KiB80
Shoreline Contact Letter 2003042444.7 KiB69
Shoreline Contact Letter 2003111295.2 KiB101
Shoreline Contact Letter 2004051561.4 KiB98
Shoreline Contact Letter 200411208.3 KiB66
Shoreline Contact Letter 2006041840.5 KiB76
Wq 20071616 Submit Wq Report To Pm52.1 KiB73
Wq 20071618 Submit Wq Report To Mayor53.8 KiB58
Wq 20071618 Submit Wq Report To Premier55.4 KiB68
Wq 20071618 Submit Wq Report To Warden53.5 KiB54