Annual membership dues for BSRA association is $10 per association plus $1.50 for each property owner within that association. The annual membership is for the calendar year and is requested by June 30 of each year. This nominal fee provides BSRA funds to meet the costs of printing the newsletters, the web site, mailing of correspondence to association representatives, meeting hall expense, out of pocket expenses, etc. A membership Fees Notice is prepared by the Treasurer and is mailed to each membership association after ratification of the next year’s dues structure at the August annual meeting. A member association delegate is entitled to vote at all meetings.

Affiliate memberships are available to individuals who reside within the Hay West or Stanley West Ward and to organizations in Huron County who are interested in BSRA, The affiliated individual annual fee is $5 for the calendar year. An affiliated organization (may be outside BSRA territory) contributes the regular fee and as applicable enjoys the same member benefits. The affiliate member does not vote.

Membership Reserve Fund

All shoreline residents benefit from any actions designed to protect their interests, whether or not their subdivision is a member association of BSRA. In June, 2002, BSRA members voted to establish a special fund for the purposes of financing whatever action may be required to protect the interests of shoreline residents, and to fund political expenses related to the 2003 municipal election. The Executive Committee, in consultation with legal counsel, was authorized to take appropriate action to protect the interests of shoreline residents, including initiating legal action through either the courts or the Ontario Municipal Board. Legal expenses incurred to ensure the creation of the shoreline wards were paid from this fund. At the June 2003 General Meeting a recommendation of the Environment committee resulted in a resolution to allocate up to $2000 to the 2003 Water Testing Programme. It is anticipated that the Reserve Fund will be available for any contingencies that may arise in the future where the interests of shoreline residents need to be protected.

Member associations were requested to contribute to this Reserve Fund an amount equal to $50 for each member of that association. Since protecting our shoreline interests is a continuing, not a one-time, responsibility, those shoreline residents who have not to date contributed to this common-interest fund are encouraged to make their $50 contribution as soon as possible.