May 12/2013

Septic Inspections

The Septic System Inspection program bylaw that was drafted by Huron County fail to achieve what is termed as a triple majority so it did not pass. According to Steve McAuley the CAO of the Municipality of Bluewater, it has been sent back to staff for additional research and Bluewater is awaiting the outcome of this before discussing their own program.


Lambton Shores and South Huron are pursuing the construction of a smaller Sewage Treatment Facility. Bluewater will not be involved in the initial construction phase. Based on the Environmental Assessment that was completed on behalf of all three municipalities, Bluewater will have the right to become a partner in the plant at a later date. The costs to do that in terms of plant expansion etc., will be Bluewaters’ responsibility.

As it stands now no sewers are planned for the Lakeshore Communities in the Municipality of Bluewater.