Huron County Health Unit News

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As BSRA did send a letter of concern to the Health Unit when the original study was paused, it is important for you to know that the following motion was passed at the Huron County Board of Health Meeting,Thursday, September 1, 2016

Under section 8.1 of the agenda is a recommended motion that  

the Board of Health agrees to the request made during its August 4, 2016 meeting for the Health Unit’s participation in the proposed investigation into wind turbines and reported associated human health effects, to be conducted in partnership with Wind Concerns Ontario and the University of Waterloo


Municipality Official Plan Review

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The Municipality is required to review their official plan every few years. The draft is available Official Plan Review Draft where you can easily see changes that are being considered and the specific dates and times and options when and how you can find our information and have your questions answered. PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THIS DRAFT WITH THE SHORELINE MANAGEMENT PLAN, WHICH WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR THIS WEEK AS WELL.

ABCA Presentation at Annual Meeting

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Hopefully you have read our E Bulletins and Newsletters but the Board of Directors of BSRA cannot stress enough, the seriousness of the impact that the Shoreline Management Plan Update will have on the future of every property owner along the lakeshore.

BSRA is disappointed that the original timeline suggesting public meetings during 2016 cottage season has changed. We know the steering committee received the draft, including consultations’ recommendations for no future erosion control structures and new restrictions that will affect all building permits. The ABCA is currently completing the maps of each area and a plan for implementation to provide context to the draft, prior to posting it on the ABCA website. We understand the posting should be expected by September 1, 2016 followed by a 90 day window for public comment. Considering the draft is not publicly available we appreciate that Geoff Cade from the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority will attend our Annual Meeting, August 27th to discuss the process and provide important information so you can take the best advantage of your opportunity to comment, when the time comes.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday, August 27th at St. Peter’s Church Hall, just north of St. Joseph oh HWY 21.