Bluewater Municipal Garbage Collection and Ontario Provincial Policy Reviews

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Of issues BSRA has been following, we would like to update you on two.

The Municipality of Bluewater is currently looking at changes to the current garbage and recycling collection system and frequency. This is to keep you informed of what we have learnt.

One option we understand is the potential replacement of the current manual pick up units with an automated system requiring new garbage containers. We understand it is the preferred collection method being advocated by Bluewater Recycling Association.

We also understand that the municipality is also reviewing the bi-weekly collection for properties west of Highway 21 between October and May each year. With a weekly collection year-round being proposed by the Bluewater Recycling Association. To cover the cost of these changes, the garbage tag would be eliminated, and the fee for the service would be added to the property tax bill of residents. We hear figures of $120 – $150 being added annually to property taxes bills.

In a review of services, the municipality should take into account that over 70% of the population along the lakeshore do not require garbage or recycling collection every week and that the lakeshore road system is already a challenge for the current vehicles. In some cases, it may not be able to accommodate the large automated vehicles.


There are proposed changes to the Provincial Policy Statement. Municipal Government and Conservation Authorities are greatly affected by Provincial Policy.  Take advantage of this opportunity to submit your own comments prior to the October 21st deadline.  For further details and to comment, visit Policy Review Page


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