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As suggested at the BSRA’s June 2022 Spring Meeting, September Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) and in e-Bulletins – the BSRA is endorsing the following candidates – FOR:

DEPUTY MAYOR                          ALWYN VANDEN BERG;


The BSRA’s Election Committee began its assessment of the candidates running by virtue of at least one Board of Directors member’s attendance at each Council meeting during the past 12 months.  Greg Lamport was interviewed by 2 members of our Committee prior to our AGM since we did not previously know him.

On September 10th, Messrs. Becker, Vanden Berg, Irvin and Lamport each spoke at our AGM for 5 minutes and then responded to questions from Shoreline Resident attendees.

On September 19th, questions thought to be of importance to Shoreline Residents were emailed to the four candidates asking for email responses – which were received by the 29th.  Questions and responses were then posted on the BSRA website (bsra.ca) and also widely distributed via subscribers to Mailchimp.

On October 6th and 7th – each of the four candidates were interviewed in-person for an hour by the Committee.

On October 12th, the full Board of the BSRA met to discuss the findings of the Election Committee and to make an assessment of the candidates thought to best serve the interests of Shoreline Residents in both the Stanley West and Hay West Wards.

The Board concluded that Alwyn Vanden Berg and Greg Lamport should be selected and endorsed by the BSRA, as noted above.

The BSRA Board congratulates each of the four candidates running in this year’s Election for their commitment to serve if elected and outstanding conduct during their run for office.

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