Road Grading Solutions

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As the Roads Department of the Municipality of Bluewater has indicated that they have a heavy workload in 2017 and will not be able to make custom grading a priority, BSRA has prepared a list of contractors interested in this work should your association be seeking alternatives. As a reference, the municipality charges $110.00 per hour. BSRA is not recommending any of these contractors over others; they are just contacts we have gathered as interested in the work in response to inquires received.

All Seasons – (519) 294-0676

G. Heard Construction – (519 565-5031

Lavis Contracting – (519) 482-3694

Merner Contracting – (519) 482-9926

Southwest Dust Control 519 317-4437


Website Appearance Changes

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The WordPress theme of this website has been changed to a more modern responsive, mobile friendly format.

Please bear with us as things are refined. We think that all the features of the previous site have come over and look OK, however if you notice something that is not quite right or could look better leave a reply on this post and we will get to it as soon as we can.

Road Grant Review

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BSRA requested a review of the road grant, reminding Council that there has been no increase since 2010. There was a motion made at the January 23rd meeting to include in Budget meetings which begin Thursday, January 26th at 2:PM in the Council Chambers at the Stanley Complex.

Community Funding Agreement

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The wind turbines are up and BSRA has been watching and listening to hear of what we expected would be a Vibrancy Fund offered to the Municipality, following the pattern observed in other areas. On Monday, January 9th a Draft Funding Agreement between the Municipality of Bluewater and Grand Bend Wind GP Inc was presented at the Committee of the Whole Meeting. It is proposed to pass at the Council Meeting on Monday, January 23, 2017 beginning at 6 PM in the Council Chambers, Stanley Complex, 38594 Mill Road, Varna.

You may review the agreement at: Grand Bend Wind Farm (Northland) – Community Funding Agreement(Draft) Jan. 9, 2017