Shoreline Management Plan News

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BSRA members who participated in the public meetings in August heard that Baird & Associates planned to have completed the actual draft of the SMP update by the end of September. The intention was to distribute to the ABCA Board of Directors, who hoped to be able to decide at the October 18th ABCA Board of Directors meeting if it was ready to be made available to the public. The draft report has not yet been delivered by Baird.  It is scheduled for the week of November 12th. The ABCA Board of Directors now plans to have a special meeting November 22, 2018, to decide if they want to send the draft back to Baird for changes or release for public comment.  The public comment period will extend to February in the interest of allowing property owners lots of time for review, but the current ABCA Directors who have knowledge of the SMP will decide if it is ready for public review.

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