Wheelie bins coming to Municipality of Bluewater in 2020

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The Municipality of Bluewater will be adopting automated co-collection bins, commonly known as Wheelie Bins, for solid waste and recycling collection in 2020. The Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA) will supply each household with one small waste bin and one large recyclables bin in the summer of 2020; larger waste containers will be available upon request, subject to an additional fee.

BRA will be providing educational materials to residents related to bin size, placement at the roadside, and acceptable materials prior to the implementation of the automated Wheelie Bin collection service.

Under the new system, weekly collection will be available to residents of Bayfield, Dashwood, Hensall, Zurich and the Lakeshore (Hay West and Stanley West wards) while Hay East and Stanley East will continue to be serviced bi-weekly (with the exception of Dashwood).


Details of the program can be found on the following document, Automated Garbage Collection 2020, which also includes a link to the full details of the program, including a number of forms for specific exemptions/changes from the program for residents.

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