ABCA Tour of Areas of Erosion

Board Members of the Ausable Bayfield Conversation Area will tour the shoreline in August, to view areas experiencing erosion. Many Board Members are not familiar with the shoreline and do not have the awareness of the erosion issues that exist.

Councillor Irvin will be working with ABCA to identify the most severe areas impacted. Associations or individuals can assist by contacting either  or  to identify specific areas and getting the owners permission to possibly access their property for on-site inspection of the erosion problems.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

This year’s cleanup was a another great success.2016 cleanup map
The numbers.
Of the 24 km of shoreline south of Bayfield almost 9 km were cleaned.
An estimated 250 kg/500 lb was recycled or sent to landfill.
As would be expected with the impact of high water there was a lot of lumber debris (57) and plastic drainage tile (over 45 feet).
This year we counted plastic bits (560) and foam bits (1246) all under 1″.
Caps and lids – 112        Plastic bottles – 77
In addition the main beach and Howard St beach were cleaned by the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation.

Shoreline Management Plan Update

There will be a meeting on May 12th at the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority office beginning at 9AM. BSRA does have a board members on this steering committee and who is entitled to speak at the meeting. Another member who does not officially represent BSRA is also part of the committee. The public is allowed to attend, but only as part of the gallery.


2016 Census

What should you do if you receive the census questionnaire at your cottage?

If your cottage is your usual or only residence in Canada (where you live most of the year), please complete the questionnaire online or return by paper in the enclosed green envelope.

If your cottage is used primarily for vacations or recreation and your usual residence is elsewhere in Canada, please complete the questionnaires for both your cottage and usual residence.

  • For your cottage, complete the questionnaire as instructed:
    • In Step A, enter the address of the cottage.
    • In Step B, enter zero (0) for the number of persons who usually live here.
    • Mark the circle beside SECONDARY RESIDENCE and provide your contact information, including the address of your usual residence.
  • For your usual residence, complete the questionnaire online or return by paper in the enclosed green envelope.

To complete your questionnaire(s) online, visit and enter the 16-digit secure access code printed on your questionnaire(s).

For assistance, visit or contact the Census Help Line at 1-855-700-2016. For TTY services, call 1-866-753-7083.



THIS INVESTIGATION HAS BEEN PAUSED. Councillor John Gillespie has offered to receive reports of turbine related health concerns.

The Huron County Health Unit is investigating reports of health concerns believed to be caused or related to the wind turbines. NOW is the time to register your own issues with them.

The Municipality of Bluewater does not have an actual process for receiving or tracking concerns at this time. If you choose to inform them, you will requested to contact the Health Unit. PLEASE be aware that the municipality will not be informing the health unit on your behalf. IT IS UP TO YOU!