Information Session on Wind Turbine Investigation

Residents of Huron County are invited to an information session hosted by the Huron County Health Unit. The session is about the upcoming investigation related to reported human health concerns associated with residential proximity to industrial wind turbines. There will be information on the investigation survey and times for residents’ questions

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 | 7-8:30 PM
Huron County Health Unit
Health & Library Complex | 77722B London Road, Clinton, Ontario

Please let them know if you plan to attend at 519.482.3416 (Dial 0 to speak to a receptionist).

Information Session on Wind Turbine Investigation



At the special meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority this morning the following motion was passed.

Be it resolved, that the ABCA Board of Directors declares that it will not implement the ABCA Shoreline Development Guidelines of Section 7.8 in the report (pages 113-117) and does not endorse the underlying principle of “managed retreat”  and the outright prohibition of all shoreline protection works.

And be it further resolved that the Board of Directors continues to endorse the use of policies as contained in the 2000 Shoreline Management Plan and the Board of Directors directs staff to provide options to re-engage the public to update the 2000 Shoreline Management Plan.

Th Shoreline Management Plan will still be updated and we can expect this to take some time.  BSRA will be monitoring the process that has yet to be determined.

Huron County Wants Public Input

Huron County is looking for public input on their Heritage County Natural Heritage Plan. The plan involves woodlots, wetlands, and meadows and there will be land use changes

There will be an information meeting,Thursday, October 27, 2016 at the Zurich Arena 7 – 9 PM.  

The County of Huron has drafted the Huron Natural Heritage Plan to conserve our environmental systems and features, which are valued by our residents.

The success of the plan depends on landowners, municipalities and agencies working together to conserve our collective natural heritage. The public is invited to this open house to learn about the plan and provide input.

A presentation will be offered at 7:30 PM

The Huron Natural Heritage Plan (HNHP) defines natural heritage systems within Huron County and identifies tools to enhance and protect features like woodlots, rivers, ponds and meadows. The plan consists of two documents:

  • The HNHP Technical Document describes the methodology used to identify significant natural features and the natural heritage system in Huron County, and
  • The HNHP Implementation Strategy defines the approach to protecting natural heritage features.

These plan documents can be viewed at


ABCA Board of Directors Meeting

On Thursday Oct. 20th ABCA’s Board meeting was held and received the steering committee’s recommendation to scrap the consultants report. Unfortunately they choose not to accept the recommendation. It soon became apparent that many of the board members had not read the document and were not prepared on how to handle it. Mr. Metzger provided the board with a notice of motion for the next meeting Nov. 24th, to the effect that the board does not endorse the recommendations contained on pages 113 to 117 of the report. So now we wait. But there are still a lot of residents that have not sent in their comments. We now encourage you to copy the individual board members. It would also be helpful to include suggestions on how to improve the shoreline.For political E Mail address click here; smp-2016-political-contacts



Today the Consultants Recommendations that made up the draft document of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority ‘s Shoreline Management Plan update was scrapped by a motion made by BSRA rep Keith Locking and passed by the steering committee. It is expected that the ABCA Board of directors will accept this direction.

If you have been reading our E Bulletins and Newsletters, you will know that we have been advising our members to watch the process for quite some time. As the opportunity came for public comments we encouraged as many submissions as possible and can report that we received many copies of excellent letters. While they were various twists and turns in today’s proceedings, there were 6 presentations provided that drove home the concern and fear festering over these recommendations. I am sure I speak for everyone in applauding the passion and work that has gone into those presentations and also to those who have provided excellent advice and direction, within BSRA but also in the greater area serviced by ABCA. Thank you Keith Locking for representing us, Alex Macdougall for walking the beach collecting opinions, John Gillespie for representing Bluewater and George Irvin who clearly supports us.

The question of course remains as what happens next. The still needs to be an updated SMP.  Our best advice is that submissions to the ABCA moving forward should include suggestions on what should be the next Shoreline Plan. BSRA will be watching to see what happens next.