Shoreline Management Plan Update

There will be a meeting on May 12th at the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority office beginning at 9AM. BSRA does have a board members on this steering committee and who is entitled to speak at the meeting. Another member who does not officially represent BSRA is also part of the committee. The public is allowed to attend, but only as part of the gallery.


The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

The Communities in Bloom committee of Bluewater coordinates a shoreline cleanup as part of the larger effort called the The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. This is the Fourth year. The first year we covered over 5 km, the second and third year about 9 km of the Bluewater shoreline south of Bayfield. With a few more subdivisions joining in we can do so much more.
To see what it is all about, go to and click on Shoreline Cleanup.

This year’s cleanup will take place in the last few weeks of May. Some of you cleanup without joining. Without a large item pickup this again this year, you may need some help.
If you are interested in assisting or being a local coordinator, please contact Harlie Johnston


2016 Census

What should you do if you receive the census questionnaire at your cottage?

If your cottage is your usual or only residence in Canada (where you live most of the year), please complete the questionnaire online or return by paper in the enclosed green envelope.

If your cottage is used primarily for vacations or recreation and your usual residence is elsewhere in Canada, please complete the questionnaires for both your cottage and usual residence.

  • For your cottage, complete the questionnaire as instructed:
    • In Step A, enter the address of the cottage.
    • In Step B, enter zero (0) for the number of persons who usually live here.
    • Mark the circle beside SECONDARY RESIDENCE and provide your contact information, including the address of your usual residence.
  • For your usual residence, complete the questionnaire online or return by paper in the enclosed green envelope.

To complete your questionnaire(s) online, visit and enter the 16-digit secure access code printed on your questionnaire(s).

For assistance, visit or contact the Census Help Line at 1-855-700-2016. For TTY services, call 1-866-753-7083.


MPAC Delegation at Council May 2

The Municipality Property Assessment Corporation will provide a presentation at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, May 2nd at the Council Chamber, Stanley Complex, beginning at 7PM.

In the past property owners received their assessments in the fall of one year and had until March of the following year. A change in Cycle will mean Residential Assessment Notices will be mailed late May 24th and appeals must be made by mid September.

The public is invited to attend any COW, however you are part of the gallery and there is no opportunity to speak, unless you choose to respond at the end of the meeting when the question is asked if there are comments or questions from the gallery and those must be regarding the agenda of that evening.

MPAC-info (1)


The Huron County Health Unit is investigating reports of health concerns believed to be caused or related to the wind turbines. NOW is the time to register your own issues with them.

The Municipality of Bluewater does not have an actual process for receiving or tracking concerns at this time. If you choose to inform them, you will requested to contact the Health Unit. PLEASE be aware that the municipality will not be informing the health unit on your behalf. IT IS UP TO YOU!

Bluewater Area Family Health Team Campaign

The Bluewater Area Family Health Team hosted an open house last night to provide residents and interested parties an opportunity to learn about their expansion plans. While they do have government funding, there is still a need for $600,000 to purchase things like equipment, furniture etc. that do not fall under the grant. BAFHT has now received charitable status so the campaign has begun!

While it does seem like a huge goal, this is a very significant project that will be an outstanding milestone in health care, not just in Bluewater, but all of Huron County.